Fort Campbell Historical Foundation

Wings of Liberty Military Museum

Foundation Staff

Executive Director/CFO

CSM Robert G. Nichols (Ret.)
W: (931) 431-2619
F: (931) 431-2620
C: (931) 216-6223


Executive Assistant

Mrs. Nita Gilliam
(931) 431-2618


Office Manager

Mrs. Susan P. Lee
(931) 431-2617


WOL Project Manager

Mr. Kem Hinton
C: (615) 305-1201

Exhibit Manager of Dryer Field House
and Wings of Liberty Project Briefer

Maj Thomas Hara (Ret.)
C: (931) 802-4486

Gift Shop Manager

Mrs. Erica Gilliam
(931) 431-2003

Gift Shop Salesclerk

Carly J. Fortuna
(931) 431-2003

Building Custodian

Ms. Angela Heimke
C: (931) 802-4486


Were it not for the brave, there would be no land of the free.

Father Dennis O’Brien, USMC