The Tennessee Wings of Liberty Museum

The Tennessee Wings of Liberty Museum is the current project of the Fort Campbell Historical Foundation. This museum represents and honors the legacy of service and sacrifice of every American who served in the divisions that call Fort Campbell home. Our dream for the visitors of The Tennessee Wings of Liberty Museum is that they will leave with a deeper appreciation and renewed respect for what was given to them.

We hope that every visitor will leave with a renewed commitment to community, country and citizenship. As well as a deeper appreciation for the values that define the U.S. Army, the U.S. Military and ultimately–our country.

A Look at The Future


As of January 2021, The Fort Campbell Historical Foundation has raised over $26 million towards the construction of The Tennessee Wings of Liberty Museum. In order to proceed with the construction of the museum, the Foundation aims to raise and secure another $30 million by 2025.


At the intersection of Tiny Town Road & Fort Campbell Boulevard

Displays and artifacts have been assembled and stored mainly in the Fort Campbell Dryer Field House, where examples of future displays may be viewed.

The Fort Campbell Historical Foundation has coordinated with the State of Tennessee to improve and prepare the intersection of Tiny Town Road and Fort Campbell Boulevard for a private entrance to the museum. This unique entrance will allow visitors to enter the museum without having to pass through a security checkpoint, even though the museum will stand on federal property.


A multi-purpose event room for every occasion

As visitors enter the lobby, they will see a CG-4A Waco Glider produced during World War II resting atop a graceful spiral staircase so visitors may enter and interact with the interior of the glider. Displays and recognitions will line the walls of the lobby, illuminated by natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

To the left will be the entrance to the museum’s grand multipurpose room, Gurb Shy Hall. To the right will be entrances to Fort Campbell Hall which serves as the entrance hall and introduction theatre to the Main Gallery and the Battlefield Operating Systems (BOS) Gallery.